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Company overview

Metier Executive Search is established by a team of executive consultants previously employed in the consumer products, banking and finance, retail, services and insurance industries. Metier Executive Search believes that building a team of talented people is an important element that will contribute to your company’s succes.


Our service

We understand that our clients have unique needs that require unique solutions. We offer you three search options, all of which are based on your specific objectives.


Our mission

We seek success for our clients’ human resource department.  As such, we will not rest until our client is fully satisfied with a complete package of employee placement, training, career development, and performance excellence.


Metier core values

We add value by saving your time and your cost by matching you the right talent to your business needs. We reduce your administrative works and alleviate the pressure on your HR department. We carry all the costs of advertisements and repeat advertisements



Sample Images

Before selecting and presenting a candidate for you, we  go through an intensive in-depth interview whereby we not only assess their skills but gain the information not specified in their CV’s :

Physical presentation

Verbal presentation

Social environment

Character strengths

Relationships with previous employers

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Metier Overview

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Metier Executive Search is established by a team of executive consultants previously employed... Read more...