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Metier Executive Search is established by a team of executive consultants previously employed in the consumer products, banking and finance, retail, services and insurance industries. Metier Executive Search believes that building a team of talented people is an important element that will contribute to your company’s succes.

Metier Executive Search’s strategy is to identify and recruit people whose “métier”, unique skills and talents, will generate an immediate and sustainable positive impact at your company.

Today and tomorrow’s best corporates are built by best employees. Attracting best talents is becoming ever challenging job, which is why we are here.

At Metier Executive Search (Metier), we bring professional, energetic and exciting services to our clients and candidates.

We assist our clients to make right decisions, by chosing right candidates for the right jobs.

We assist our candidates to develop their careers, to realise their potentials through continuing communications, feedbacks, networkings, to help them achieve new opportunities that they are constantly looking for.

We create a playing field where our clients meet their candidates. We serve each and every client according to their requirements. Our search is therefore individually-tailored.

We can work with local clients, as well as international ones.

We interact constantly in the market place with high calibre individuals on a direct and confidential basis. Our service is therefore, fast and well updated.

We want to be a reliable partner, both to employers, and to employees.

Looking for new jobs? New staff? Call us, METIER. Right now!



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Before selecting and presenting a candidate for you, we  go through an intensive in-depth interview whereby we not only assess their skills but gain the information not specified in their CV’s :

Physical presentation

Verbal presentation

Social environment

Character strengths

Relationships with previous employers

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